School and youth

Treating a school class the same way as we treat a management team is a no brainer for us. At Dalslands Aktiviteter we are passionate about working with adolescents and it is reflected in our staff and our offers. The adolescents is our future and that is worth investing in! Below you will find a selection of the programs we offer.

School and youth

Our school packages have become a success where many schools are returning annually. It is fantastic to witness adolescents spend quality time together and grow as individuals when they challenge themselves at our activities. The basis of our packages is simple accommodation where everyone shares a tepee. No one is left outside the group and there are enough physical exercises to promote a good nights sleep. Our goal is a balance between ground based team exercises, exciting high-rope adventures and nature experiences. In conclusion, something for everyone! 

SVT (Swedish Television) have filmed the documentary ”Team spirit” at our facility so we can rightly claim that you can save yourself 2-3 months in your group process by starting your pre-season at Daslands Aktiviteter. This way you can put more time on exercise instead of internal relations and conflicts. This had the Danish national bicycling team, Swedish ”Tre Kronor” (national ice hockey team) and the Swedish national rope pulling team visit us. However, you don’t have to be a professional to have use of good ”team spririt”. At Dalslands Aktiviteter everyone is equally welcome and valuable! 

Through successfull cooperations with Gothenburg city and Kungälv munici-pality, among others, we have acquired a comprehensive and valueable experience in the work with adolescents with special needs. At Dalslands Aktiviteter we have the environment, tools and knowledge to be able to deliver experiences and insights needed in the cooperation with others, as well as the self-awareness that often is lacking. 

During the 20 years we have worked with adolescent groups we have identified the potential in the activities and experiences that we offer. Being worthy of respect and trust could prove a tiresome process, something we have managed to speed up in the groups visiting us. Therefore we asked ourselves: ”why should we benefit from this when it truly is the leaders and teachers that need it?” With that said we have put together certifications for those of you working with adolescents. Have a look at the course information and call us for more information. There are 3 different certifications fitted for different needs. 

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