Water activities

What they all have in common is of course water, especially in the lake “Iväg” where both our campsites are located. Water is a unique and constantly shifting element that offers new possibilities and experiences!


Church boats were common a century ago where they picked up villagers along the shores of the lake and transporting them to the local church. We have 3 different church boats, two” 8-man rowers” and one “10-man rower”. Even though only 8-10 people row, the boats are large enough for 20 people each. The exercises are varied but they all require team effort to succeed!



Church boats


Our kayaks are not of sea model, neither are they compact white-water models. They are hybrids specialized for slow moving waters like the river “Stenebyälven”, with long calm stretches and natural obstacles. Paddling “Stenebyälven” is like making a journey in a different world, almost like a tropical forest. You just have to try it!





The province of Dalsland is especially known for great lake systems for paddling. At our facility we have several canoes and lots of experience of secluded waters and wilderness.




Regardless of your choice of activity, be it fishing, swimming or just a picnic on the shores of the lake “Iväg” we have boats for rent. Contact us for current availability and prices.





Not a big raft suited for overnight stay really, but definitely a fun activity well suited both as a part of a 5-activity challenge and in a team-building program.





All our hot tubs and the sauna are located on the shore of the lake “Iväg” and therefore invite bathers all year around! We have 4 hot tubs and 1 sauna divided on 3 locations so don’t hesitate, contact us for availability and prices.


Hot tubs and sauna

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