Correct answers for our quiz walk on "Stenebyleden"

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Very well done. Hopefully you have now learned something new or just increased your interest in nature while enjoying a spectacular stroll. If you haven't had your answers corrected already or just want to check on the correct answers, you will find a summary of all the questions below. Also, check out our "Forest-ranking" that follows further down the page. Keep on being curious, continue taking care of our nature! We hope to see you again!


Presentation of the questions:




















Correct answer


2,  Raven

1,  7 Min

1,  Brown trout

X, Clear water

1,  North

X,  Drop lining

1,  Spruce

2,  Napoleon war

X,  40 years

1,  Flammable amadou

1,  Goldcrest

1,  Moose

1,  Pike

1,  Beaver

1,  Even-toed ungulates

X,  Peat

1,  268.000 




The raven is Europe's largest bird of the crow family.

An effective cooperation is the key to success.

The trout of the river "Stenebyälven" never emigrates

The freshwater pearl mussel is completely dependent on the trout for reproduction.

The river "Stenebyälven" is one of few rivers in Sweden that runs north

Drop lining is the oldest method of fishing with handheld gear.

The spruce, like all conifers, doesn't lose its needles during winter.

The spruce can grow older than 400 years.

There are no evidence suggesting that rowan berries can foresee the coming winter.

Polypores are the recyclers of the forest who decompose dead trees.

The goldcrest must stay constantly active during winter because of its small body size.

The moose is also called "The King of the Forest" and has few natural enemies.

The pike is very gluttonous and gladly eat smaller pikes.

The beaver's teeth grow constantly and therefore needs to be grinded down.

Even-toed ungulates have two toes unlike odd-toed ungulates which only have one.

Peat moss store vast amounts of water in dead cells. The water gives the moss its pale colour.

The spruce is usually harvested when it's ca 80 years old.

The "Forest-ranking"

How many correct answers did you get? Check out our ”Forest-ranking” below to see how much of a guardian of the forest you are!

0-5 points

The Freshwater pearl mussel

You are in the beginning of your nature journey and haven't seen too much of your surroundings yet. But don't worry, you will learn a lot during this amazing nature exploration you've just begun. The river brings vast volumes of knowledge, you just have to learn to filtrate the correct information.

6-10 points

The Beaver

You have come a long way and built a magnificent beaver's lodge of knowledge, which you know like your own pocket. Being an expert in your own field of knowledge is good, but nature is so much bigger. You will happily gnaw up more information about nature in the future, just as certain as the beaver gnaws on trees.

11-15 points

The Raven

You soar over nature on steady wings and with a good view of how things in the forest and in the water work. Just be carefull, lest you soar too quickly and missing out on the little things. They can escape the eyes of those that soar. Take your time to sit down and study nature's small wonders properly every now and then. With the good vision of the raven nothing is impossible.

16-17 points

The Moose

You are the "King of the Forest", not yet crowned but still masterful. Nothing in nature seems to elude you or being too difficult for that matter. You have come very far on your journey and improve your knowledge every year, just like the bull and its horns. A deep interest in nature is natural when you're the king of it, but remember that even the king make misstakes sometimes. In those cases it's best to just redo and do right next time around.

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