Private and Tourism

At Dalslands Aktiviteter, private and tourist groups will find something for most purposes. With more than 20 years of exprience with adventure and experiences, we dare claim that we are exceptionally good at what we do, and with more than 50 different activities we can offer something for everyone. Below you will find a short presentation of our most popular programs, but don’t hesitate to contact us since we are more than happy to tailor your unique visit!

Private and tourism

A bachelor / bachelorette party is something truly special. You want to give someone a memory for life. However, even though the bachelor / bachelorette is in focus, it has to be a memorable day for the rest of the company as well. Here we have, during our 20 years in the business, noticed a change in party structure. Today it is more common that everyone participates in the adventures, even though it usually is a bit extra challenging for the bachelor / bachelorette. We can promise to provide you adventures and challenges. 

The family is probably most important in life and of course you would like to share as much as possible with them, but often time feels in short supply. With the family in focus, we’ve created a few experience packages that all have one thing in common; plenty of time for relaxation. The packages are based on nature experiences with accommodation right by the lake and with access to a small rowing boat for fishing and swimming, and also adventures and experiences tailored for your ages. All this for as good a price as possible! 


There are plenty of things in life worth celebrating; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more. We have helped arranging unique parties for more than 20 years. It could just be a simple but delicious dinner, childrens birthday party with activities or weddings with horse and carrige, but also grand and memorable moments like lighting up the river "Stenebyälven" and playing live music in nearby ”Ingegerds Kammare”, a 9 meter deep and 11 meter broad giant cauldron. No ideas are too large or small! 

Going on a trip, either far or close is always fun and exciting. You get to see new places, meet new people and experience new things. Dalslands Aktiviteter is one of western Sweden’s largest outdoor centers and we have worked for many years, perfecting our products that we think represent our province and our country. With this in mind we have gathered a wide range of experiences in one place. Finaly we have carefully picked our guides to make sure that our guests get the best possible experience. Welcome to us for the summer’s coolest memories! 

We are convinced that the calmness of the nature is good for ones soul. At our facility you can experience flora and fauna in an easy manner with knowledgeable guides. It could be a visit in our moose park, an evening with beaver safari or a guided walk along nature trail ”Stenebyleden”, which is suited for both baby carriges and weelchairs. It could also be several days horseback riding, hunting packages, paddling expeditions or a proper survival course.

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