Nature experiences


At Dalslands Aktiviteter, no nature experience is too small or large. We live in and of nature but gladly share this experience. So regardless if you would like to e.g. pet our tame moose or learn more about flora and fauna, let us show you! Here are just a few of the packages we offer.

Kayak - Steneby river (half-day)

You will start at our facility and paddle your way north in Stenebyälven, an adventurous stretch of water where you might have to lift your kayaks past a few obstacles. After 2-3 hours of paddling you will reach the rapid which is the end of the stretch. A guide will pick you up for the transfer back to our facility. It is possible to clear the rapids but only under supervision of our guide and on your own risk.


Price 400 SEK per kayak including all equipment and transports.

Guided tours cost 850 SEK extra. An experienced instructor will provide practical assistance and theoretical insight paddling with you the whole stretch. Note that the minimum age is 12 years.


Nature trail - Guided tour

Our newly built 1.1 km long walking trail "Stenebyleden" along the river Stenebyälven provides our visitors with the chance to explore and closely experience our grand nature and its inhabitants like the freshwater pearl mussel, fungi and lichens. Our knowledgeable guides show you traces from the last ice age, nature’s amazing interactions, how some of its inhabitants live and more. The trail is well suited for both wheelchairs and baby carriages. A guided tour takes approximately an hour.


Price 900 SEK per group (maximum 20 people per guide)

Horseback riding – Full day


A wonderful tour in a hilly landscape! You ride with guide on our forward but confident horses, often in a western saddle since we bring some baggage. Swimming outfit could prove much needed and of course lunch and snacks is brought with us. We ride in a tempo that suit the group best, but all participants should master all horse gaits. The effective riding time is estimated to 5-6 hours plus a lunch break.


Price 1200 SEK per person (minimum 3 riders)

Beaver safari - With or without guide

The beaver is an impressive animal, an unmatched engineer that cares for its family with passion. Here you will have the opportunity to meet these animals in their natural environment. Spotting the beavers is not easy and there is no guarantee that you will, but once you do it will be well worth your while. You can either buy a map and the information material from us for your own expedition or you can rent a knowledgeable guide during morning or evening. Time required is about 3 hours.


Price 1 500 SEK per group with guide (max. 8 people).

Nature trail - Quiz walk

Along our walking trail "Stenebyleden" is a quiz walk with questions influenced by the local wildlife. The questions are mainly addressed to children of all ages but there are also a few difficult questions for the adults. Learn something about the local wildlife while enjoying a fantastic environment. All participants will receive a Nature Certificate upon completion of the quiz walk!


Price 50 SEK per person (children and adults), 150 SEK per family.


Have you already answered the questions?

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