Nature experiences

Basically all of our activities are nature experiences but below we present the activities which main focus is nature and its inhabitants.


Our moose park was built in 2006 and is located by the reception. Apart from moose we also have a herd of fallow deer in our 15 hectares large fencing. Here the animals live as they normally should, strolling, eating and resting. The biggest difference is that our moose are very social and friendly and will happily greet our visitors, children and adults alike, right by the fence.


Moose park


The summer of 2010 we inaugurated our new reception center and also integrated a fresh water aquarium while we were at it. Here you can see the most common fresh water species found in our nearby lakes but also the Brown trout from more streaming waters as well as the migratory European eel. The biggest attraction however, is a real freshwater beast with a maximum weight of 30 kg; the pike.


Freshwater aquarium


This is our latest addition among activities and experiences and was opened the 12th of June in 2014 by none less than the Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China. The nature trail is well suited for wheelchairs and built fully in wood. It stretches along the beautiful river “Stenebyälven” for 1.1 km. Everyone can easily get straight out in unique nature and we also provide information on the local environment and a quiz walk in several languages. Feel free to book your own guided tour with one of our knowledgeable guides who will show you e.g. remnants of the last ice age, nature’s fantastic interactions and how some of the inhabitants live.



Nature trail "Stenebyleden"


This was the start of our company when we did a claim in the river “Stenebyälven” in 1989. Fantastically enough, we still find gold, naturally, in the river. Learn the technique to pan small grains of gold out of several kilos of gravel and sand. It requires patience and precision but the feeling upon success is indescribable!



Gold panning


For many who are born and raised in forests, hunting is a natural part of life which gives incredible addition values. This is something we would like to share so contact us for more information.





It is said that the province of Dalsland has more than 1100 bodies of water, so fishing is obviously a natural part of life for us. The feeling when the float disappears under the surface and the rod bends is fantastic. A feeling that we would like to share, so contact us for more information.






The beaver is an impressive animal, an unmatched engineer that is passionate about its family. Here you will have the opportunity to meet these animals in their natural environment. It is not easy and there is no guarantee that a beaver will be sighted but once you do it will be well worth it. You can either buy a map and information material and make your own expedition or book a knowledgeable guide during morning or evening hours.


Beaver safari

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