Group exercises

Even though UGL (Development of Group and Leader) permeates our work, also NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and outdoor pedagogy have had a great influence on our instructors. However, group exercises don’t always have to be serious. It is surprisingly fun to just solve ingenious assignments together! We use all our group exercises for both fun and serious team-building, although if we specifically mention team-building or group development then we mean it and the focus will be on the process and the road to change.


"Lågbana 1"


Our first ground level group exercise and the start of one of our core activities; group development. Lågbana 1 has 8 stations, independent of each other, where we recommend an evaluation after each completed station.




Custom made for Coca-cola and “Tre Kronor” (Swedish national hockey team) with influences from Denmark. The 9 station long obstacle course is challenging, demanding and rewarding!



"Lågbana 2"


A fun and challenging activity where you’re not allowed to touch the ground. The track has 6 different stations and is well suited for both adolescents and adults.


Wire track


We have plenty of external group exercises, ranging from speedy to analytical, simple to complex. We even build large “company-games” to induce the critical process in each group.



External group exercises


Accomplishing a night exercise is something extra and we have never had an unaffected participant. It could be a complex assignment like “The Pilot” or more adventurous challenges like “See but not be seen”. What they have in common is experience in darkness!


Night exercises


An activity that is guaranteed to offer you direct feedback! You will make an acceptable sketch of the construction, go through with it and literally put it to the test. Afterwards you evaluate the results.



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