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Dalslands Aktiviteter is a relatively small company, but we still realise the importance in taking our respeonsibility for the environment and nature which is a great part and prerequisite for our business. Even though our environmental impact is comparably small, we would like to set an example. Therefore, we are now in the start-up of exciting environmental work within the company. In 2014 we have also started offering nature tourism experiences and conveying knowledge of nature, environment and sustainability. To have a look at the basic environmental guidelines that permeates our business, please download our environmental policy.

During the years we have aquired certifications that we have found to be relevant and rewarding for our business. More will most certainly follow, especially in the environmental field. Below you will find the relevant certifications that we have currently achieved.

UGL 2008

The Swedish National Defence College started an extensive developmental work in the mid 2000's. It resulted in the fifth edition of UGL, the UGL 2008. In this development all modern science on group development, leadership and personal development have been included in the course. This work has been a cooperation between the Swedish National Defence College's own scientists on the subject of leadership, scientists from other universities and colleges as well as experienced UGL instructors.

UGL as a concept has existed in Sweden for more than 30 years and during this time it has gone through several extensive modifications. Despite the shift of theories, methods and exercises as well as an alteration of the instructor role, the core and foundation of UGL has remained intact. The foundation is to provide knowledge and insight about groups and their development, how the group and the learning relate, how leadership influence on an individual- and group-level as well as raise the awareness on how individuals influence and are influenced in turn by relationships to other people. At Dalslands Aktiviteter we have long and profound experience of just that.

Tour Quality

is a quality assurance and management of tourism experiences: acommodation, food, travels and other visitor services. Tour Quality was developed ca 12 years ago in close cooperation with the tourism business. The initiative for the development of the system was taken by ETOUR, European Tourism Research Institute and VisitSweden, among others.


Disney Management

is perhaps the world's most acknowledged educations on customer reception, business management and leadership. The education is a mix of theoretical studies, seminars and practical case studies as well as visits at successful companies. A lot of effort is put on vision, values and how to chose and train your co-workers.

Green Trade

is a certification for small and mid-size tourism businesses who have shown great merit in sustainable development of tourism. Green Trade was founded in 1998 by the Swedish Trade Council and Ecoplan and is built on a foundation of green, sustainable development. It offers a basic analysis of each and every connected company, from business plan to finished product. 

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