Company and Organisation

At Dalslands Aktiviteter companies and organizations will find something for most purposes. With more than 20 years of experience of education, conferences and kick-off programs, we dare say that we are great at what we do and with more than 50 different activities we can offer something for everyone. Below you will find a short presentation of our most popular programs, but don’t hesitate to contact us since we are more than happy to tailor your unique visit.

Company and organisation

We at Dalslands Aktiviteter are experts on group development and dynamics and work with experience based learning as a foundation and Swedish armed forces team-building concept is the basis in all our exercises. Team-building has become a popular phenomenon used far and wide. For us, team-building is not the activity itself but the process within the group. That process is our focus. The activity is just the catalyst which speeds up the process. In the deep forests of the province of Dalsland we have a calm and unstressed environment suitable for guiding your group to your goal. 

A good kick-off creates lasting memories! Activities are therefore of outmost importance and we have a lot of them. For us it is all about stepping outside the individual comfort zone and try something new. The advantage of more than 20 years in the business is when guests return and say: ”I still remember when we crossed the lake in your large church boats”. That is creating lasting memories! 

Surely you can host a conference wherever, but for us it’s all about a creative process where creativity and presence is of outmost importance to succeed. Companies invest in the staff and want something in return. Our goal is to provide the means for a successful conference. For this we have different locales and a wide range of fitting activities to increase participation, creativity and energy.

Among the best things we know is to help and witness people grow as individuals. We offer many educations in different subjects, but they all have one thing in common – we focus on the individual and the group. We are also open for cooperations. For almost 20 years we have helped different companies and consultants to create as good educations as we possibly can. Perhaps you are arranging an education and are in need of facilities or you have the expertise but lack the activities. Everyone is welcome to our facility which we consider a large toolbox waiting to be put to use.

We are convinced that both large and small companies are dependent on good relations. The next time you have a corporate visit, let us help you build that relation even better. Product information sure is important but why not create lasting memories together. That is what we do! 

Over the course of time we’ve had many fun assignments, ranging from large sale meetings to product launch and fairs. We’ve picked out the best parts of these many assignments and created a basis for effective and rewarding workshops where we mix information, experiences and nature in the best possible way. Do you have any new products that you would like to present in a memorable fashion, then Dalslands Aktiviteter is the place for you! 

If you, for some reason, can’t come to us, we will come to you! We have extensive experience of large and small events far from our facility. We have had activities at Landvetter, Ullevi, Skara Sommarland, Eriksberg, Düsseldorf, Hamburg etc. It could be exciting high-rope activities, unusual gatherings and exhibition locales or fun and rewarding team exercises. With our external activities we manage 10-500 people at a location of your chosing. 

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